Lisa Green-Douglass

Democratic candidate for Johnson County Supervisor

My name is Lisa Green-Douglass and I'm running for a seat on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors.  I am ready to work hard on the issues that we face as a county.  My strengths include my ability to examine all sides of a matter, do the necessary research, then take positive action to arrive at a decision.  I pride myself in my ability to organize, prioritize, and decide upon the steps to take to get a job done.

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​Mental Health Services:
I will continue the work to ensure that there is ample funding and access to mental health services. Collaboration has already been an important part among many of the mental health agencies here in Johnson County, but there is still an unmet need. Johnson County and its surrounding counties need to work together to create a Mobile Crisis Response Team. This team would intercept individuals in a mental health emergency situation prior to interacting with the law. It would provide an immediate response to the individual's needs, assist with shelter, if needed, direct him or her to treatment, and provide follow-up services. A Mobile Crisis Response Team, ideally, would be a collaborative effort between mental health care providers and law enforcement, diverting individuals to appropriate services. 

​​County Land Use Plan:
I support the County Land Use Plan and will work to uphold its implementation. The Land Use Plan has been in place since 1979 and was created with a vision to designating specific areas for growth, maintaining agricultural areas outside of the growth area, and striving to minimize or reduce negative impact on the environment.

Affordable housing is scarce in Johnson County. County-wide collaboration is essential in order to spread the availability of affordable housing throughout the county. As county supervisor I would encourage communication and collaboration with our municipalities so that together, we can work with area landlords to explore options for providing housing opportunities for people from all income levels.

​​Public Safety:
I support efforts to secure the Johnson County Courthouse. We can preserve the historic quality of the courthouse, yet still create a safe environment for those who work there and for all who enter the building. I favor renovation and expansion of our county jail, to provide both a safe and humane space for inmates as well as jail personnel. Indoor, secured access from the jail to courtrooms is needed to increase safety and greatly reduce the cost of transport.